River March – A Movement To Rejuvenate Our Rivers!

If you are a lover of nature, you know how our marine life has been affected, all thanks to the growing pollution. Being a true Mumbaikar, you might be well versed with the city having four major rivers - Dahisar, Mithi, Oshiwara and Poisar. However, the purity and glitter of the rivers have been lost due to increasing pollution. More than rivers, it resembles sewers. Those were the days when sitting by the river was something every person loved, but now people even detest looking at it. All this is due to lack of awareness that has led the rivers to get worse day by day. No one is to blame, but WE!

Realizing this social cause, River March was founded by active group of citizens who have taken the initiative to Rehabilitate Mumbai Environment. River March is a movement that seeks to rejuvenate the Rivers, free from encroachments, non-polluted green environment and save remaining Mangroves.

The group has successfully organized related events and expanded their activities to work on larger areas. To offer a perfect cure to our nature, specifically rivers, the River March event was held on Sunday, 6 March 2016. The main aim of this event was to help understand and show the present condition of the rivers to the citizens and offer a step towards its rejuvenation. In order to preserve the nature and the rivers, the event witnessed more than 3000 active participants across all the four locations. Young and old alike took a step towards preserving the rivers from being polluted further on.

It is quite an understood fact that a single day is not enough to turn the rivers spotless and immaculate, but a small step is all it takes, isn’t it? Among all the partners, Shree Naman Group is proud to be associated with the River March movement. The active participation proved people could go to any extent to restore the ecology.

You too can be a part of this event and commit yourself to this long fight to let the rivers flow, clean and pristine once again. Give our rivers undivided attention it deserves!